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Farm fresh duck eggs


Our six lovely duck ladies provide us with, on average, five eggs per day. This is still their first year laying, so this number should increase as the year continues. Right now though, they’re giving us at least three dozen eggs per week, which we’re selling for $5.50 per dozen.

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Organic Produce


We’re turning this gorgeous back yard into an organic gardener’s paradise by installing a 20×10 greenhouse tent and raised beds to complement the two apple trees, strawberry patch, and blueberry bushes.

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Animal rescue and fostering


If you know of an animal in need of rescue, or have a litter of kittens or puppies for foster, please contact us. We have two live animal traps designed to be as humane as possible for feral cat rescue and two rooms for fostering animals.

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Our Talented Caregivers



Personal Headshot of a white female. She has long, reddish brown hair, and glasses and is smiling in the photo.



Personal Headshot of a white male, with spiky hair and glasses, and a short beard. He's wearing a gray shirt.

Aja Perbix and Chris Dostal, Owners, Farmers and Caregivers.



Located on almost a quarter of an acre, we have ample space for outdoor exercise; and with a three bedroom house, we have plenty of room for smaller animals as well.


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