“Fospice” End of Life Care

A caring end to any life.


When we say that we offer end-of-life care, or fospice, we don’t mean that we’re an alternative to kill-shelters. Nor are we an alternative to veterinarian supervised euthanasia.What we offer is compassionate, caring companionship for an animal’s final step before they cross the rainbow bridge, and a loving hand to hold on the way out, so they don’t have to go alone.

Inspired by a desire to see that no animal goes through their final moments alone, scared, or in pain; we have chosen to offer our home as a final forever home for elderly, disabled, or sick animals, or animals whose human companions have gone from this life, or can no longer care for them.

We offer a variety of care levels, from providing daily injections and hand-feeding, to simply being a warm lap to curl up in, or providing a warm spot on a sunny windowsill. Care like this comes at a cost, however, from daily medications for sick animals to the actual euthanasia expense; as well as a mental and emotional cost. For this reason, we limit fospice care to two animals at a time. We are currently accepting up to two animals.