Your Donations Directly Affect Our Animals



Immediately after the pandemic started in America, we shut off monetary donations. We are now opening this back up via both PayPal and Crypto Currency via the WAX, Dogecoin and Ethereum Blockchains. WAX specializes in Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs – verified pieces of digital property which can be backed up by cryptocurrency, and which can be saved by individuals, traded on marketplaces like AtomicHub(WAX), or sold. In the future, our NFTs will be backed by physical merchandise in the form of t-shirts, aprons, re-usable bags, and branded egg crates.

Dog crates, shelter for small livestock, and chicken/duck coops, as well as smaller, more portable crates for transporting animals. We prefer SherpaPet brand travel bags for cats and small dogs, and crates by Midwest Homes for Pets. Your donations directly impact how many animals we’re able to care for.

Living, Sleeping, and Travel Solutions

A large Golden Retriever dog in a crate. The dog has its tongue out.

Disinfectants, bleach, and other sanitizing products are a big business in animal care. From cleaning cages to daily litter box emptying on our five (5) litter boxes, there is always something to be cleaned or cleaned up. We avoid anti-bacterial soaps to prevent superbug spread, and use natural cleansers as often as possible; both to cut down on skin irritation, and to cut down on ground water contamination from runoff. While prioritizing natural cleaning products comes at a higher price, it’s a trade-off we feel is worth making. Your donations directly assist us in keeping our animals clean, healthy, and happy; and in protecting our environment.

Cleaning Supplies

From flea drops and shampoos to anxiety medications, and everything in between, the prescription and over-the-counter medication costs can add up fast. Even with discount medications available, and a number of quality feed shops nearby, this is our second highest cost category, after food. Your donations directly impact the health and well-being of our animals, as well as the auditory well-being of our neighbors.

Pet Medications